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  • The Witches Hammer

    Rebecca used to be a normal woman, but an encounter with a vampire turns her into one of their own. Rather than joining the legions of the undead, she is recruited by the agency that saved her life -- Project 571 -- to hunt her newfound kin. Teamed with a pair of priests, Rebecca must kill a top vampire who has a plan to destroy the earth with a legion of the undead. Now, Rebeccca must face not only her own deadly kind, but also hordes of demons and witches, as she struggles to save humanity.


Cast and Crew

Stephanie Beacham
Claudia Coulter
Jonathan Sidgewick

James Eaves
Laura Eaves
James Eaves


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Terror Film Festival

(USA) Nominated for the best horror feature award

Blood Bath Film Festival

(UK) Official Selection

South African Horror Fest

(SOUTH AFRICA) Official Selection

Big Bang Film Festival

(USA) Official Selection

Full Moon Fest

(USA) Official Selection