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  • Amber Pictures

    Amber Pictures are a low budget film production company based in Southampton on the south coast of England. We specialise in low budget quality genre films for domestic and international release.


  • James Eaves (Jim Eaves)

    His debut feature film 'Sanitarium', a chilling medical horror film starring famed paranormal psychic 'Uri Gellar', was Highly Commended at the Fantastic Films Festival, Sanitaruim went on to be released in all major territories on DVD/Video. His second feature 'Hellbreeder' starred critically acclaimed French actor Dominique Pinon (Amelie, Alien Resurrection) and Darren Day (UK Musical Star). Hellbreeder has been released in all major territories.

    His third film 'The Witches Hammer', starring 'The Colby's' star Stephanie Beacham was shot on 35mm, an epic tale of vampires and witches included high octain martial arts fused with computer generated effects. Followed by the ambitious science fiction horror 'Bane', which went on to win the coveted BEST HORROR FEATURE FILM AWARD at the LOS ANGELES SHRIEK FEST FILM FESTIVAL. James then teamed up with cult directors Pat Higgins and Alan Ronald to resurrect the british anthology film in the form of 'Bordello Death Tales', three tales of horror from Madame Ravens Bordello. Most recently he has once again teamed up with Pat and Al to create war time horror epic ‘Nazi Zombie Death Tales’.


  • Laura Eaves

    From finance and budgets to scheduling and contracts, Laura works out all the all important details on an Amber Pictures film that keep the boat sailing in the right direction. Her first feature as Producer was 35mm Action Horror 'The Witches Hammer'. One of the lowest budget 35mm films ever produced, the film went onto release in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and many more. Her second feature film 'Bane', went on to win the coveted BEST HORROR FEATURE AWARD at the Los Angeles Shriekfest Film Festival as well as playing in festivals across the globe. Laura then went onto produce both Death Tales movies taking the key role in sales and distribution.

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