Film Info

  • Nazi Zombie Death Tales
    (Battlefield Death Tales)

    A unique, sexy and terrifying anthology movie brought to you by three of the most fiercely original independent directors working in horror today.

    Nazi Zombie Death Tales (Battlefield Death Tales) is an ambitious and impressive follow up movie to their highly acclaimed 'Bordello Death Tales'. Both features recreate the golden age of Amicus with their trademark portmanteau horror anthologies. Jim Eaves ( 'Bane', 'The Witches Hammer'), Pat Higgins ('KillerKiller', TrashHouse') and Alan Ronald ('Jesus vs the Messiah' Chinese Burns') bring you three dark tales from the battlegrounds of World War 2.


Cast and Crew

David Wayman
Jess Luisa-Flynn
Lara Lemon

James Eaves, Pat Higgins, Alan Ronald
Laura Eaves, James Eaves, Debbie Attwell
Alan Ronald, Pat Higgins

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